Tattoo Healing Instructions

Tattoo No-No's - No Swimming! No Tanning! No Hot Water! No Picking!

#1. Leave the bandage on for at least 3 to 5 hours. After you've removed the bandage, follow directions below. You do not need to bandage it again. Your tattoo needs air to heal, so keep it dry and wear loose clothing.

#2. Wash tattoo twice daily at the sink with warm water, soap and finger tips, be gentle. Pat dry with clean towel. Apply Vaseline and blot until it is no longer sticky. If you can see the Vaseline it is too thick!

#3. Apply Vaseline, 2-4 times a day to keep the scab flexible. You can use an antibiotic ointment, but this is optional and for the first 48 hours only.

#4. Coat tattoo with heavy Vaseline to protect it from too much water in the shower. Do not at any time soak your Tattoo. After you shower, gently remove all of the Vaseline with a tissue. Getting your tattoo too wet will take out the colors, scar your skin and slow healing.

#5. In 6 -10 days the scab will flake off and you can resume normal treatment of area. Do not try to speed up this process with picking or rubbing. If you are itching, sting the skin with your finger tips, or apply ointment.

When your tattoo has healed there will be a layer of dry white flaky skin on your tattoo, it is normal and will wear off in a few weeks. You can make it look brighter by putting any gentle lotion on it.

If you want the colors to last, use sun block when in full sun or in tanning booth!
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