Question: "How much does it cost?"

Tattooing and piercing is not a good place to bargain for a cheaper price or to play big wheel. Many tattooists are not worth seeing at all and charge very low prices. The really good ones can charge just about anything.

We have found that the really good tattoo artists are charging about $100 per hour. This means that a small tattoo will cost around $50 to $70.

Professionals also often have shop minimums and may require deposits or advance payment. It may cost you more if you are getting a tattoo in an area that is stretchy, like you stomach or lower back or difficult to heal like hands and feet. If it takes more time it will cost you more.

This is how professionals work. They don’t have time to play around about it and they know what they are worth. Very few artists have bothered with formal training so let the buyer beware! Unfortunately, many tattooists with less skill will charge the same as the big guys - so make sure to really check out the skill, talent, attitude and professional behavior of your artist by asking friends for a referral and most importantly by visiting the studio where the artist works.

They should have samples of their work for you to see and they should treat you respectfully. Be sure though that you also show respect to your artist. Artists - particularly tattoo artists are known for short tempers. If you are rude - they may refuse to work on you.

Be polite. Be on time. Develop a sense of mutual trust and appreciation from the very beginning. You will be glad you did.

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