Question: "Does it hurt?"

Everyone wants to know - does it hurt?

Of course it hurts a little to get a tattoo. But most people find tattooing to be more irritating than painful - its just not that bad. Some people hurt more than others, but about 90% of our clients don’t think it is such a big deal.

Body piercing feels like a hard pinch. Before you can say ouch - its over. Neither tattooing nor piercing hurts afterward.

It is wrong to choose a tattoo or piercing based on how much it might hurt. What you want and where you want it are the important considerations. It only hurts for a moment but you will wear it forever. Get what you really want and get it where you really want it.

If it hurts a little - be tough - you will be glad you did. Remember, every one of us had a first time. Your artist should be firm, friendly and understanding. If the artist is making fun of you, you are in the wrong place.

Likewise, the artist has a difficult and important job to do for you. Be tough and let them do their job. Don’t be a wiggler or a whiner or a wienie!

Tattooing and piercing is more than just body decorating. It is important to face and conquer fear and discomfort occasionally and in this way tattooing and piercing is like an exercise that helps to prepare you to deal with the real discomforts of life.

Pain can be our friend – don’t fear it.
Learn to be master of it.

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