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Rev. Gregory "Doc" Lowrey & Rev. Katrina "Kita" Lowrey

Doc and Kita have operated ministry studios together since 1992. These include Royal Oak Tattoo in Royal Oak, Michigan 1992-2002 (now owned by Ed Deloney) and award winning UBU Ministries Church aka Happy Valley Tattoo, in American Fork, Utah 2002-2010 (now owned by Steven Bosh.)

Doc Loco has been tattooing and piercing since 1991. He learned to pierce from Master Piercer Mike Natali - Mr. Bravo, back in the beginning days of piercing. When it comes to tattooing he is offering hand-picked tattoos on a limited basis while he focuses on healing, counseling, teaching and other ministry services. Photos of his tattoo & piercing work can be found on his personal website .and here.

Kita Kazoo has been tattooing since 1989 and apprenticed at Rites of Passage in Yuma, Arizona [Semper Fidelis Brothers - we love you all!] under award winning artist Dan Brown of Beverly Hills, California, who apprenticed under tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle of San Francisco, California.

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