Question: "How do I prepare for my appointment?"

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Don’t wear your best outfit, despite our best efforts to protect your clothing tattoo ink can splatter in an uncontrollable way and does not wash out of clothing.

Be clean. No one wants to work on skin that has seen 8 hours of grime and dirt or have muddy boots tracking into their work area.

Make sure you eat before your appointment, a light meal and hour before is best.

Do not drink alcohol or take drugs for pain. These things only make the pain worse and tattooists are not allowed by the law to work on anyone who is drunk or altered by drugs of any sort. Prescription pain killers and muscle relaxants will make you sick during a tattoo or piercing and can make you pee yourself or worse.

Psych your self up to sitting still and being tough. If you fuss and make it take longer you will be asked to pay more as the artist is getting paid for their time.

Studios require picture ID for every service no matter how old you are. So bring your driver’s license or State ID with you. They are not allowed to do a tattoo or piercing without proof of age.

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